!!!Ermii Kart DS

Ermii Kart DS is a full hack of Mario Kart DS created by the Ermii Kart DS Team. Its goal is to replace all courses, characters and karts with new ones. It also aims to be the successor of [Mario Kart Zero]. 


The Ermii Kart Team consists of:

* [Ermelber] (Leader) - Custom Tracks, Characters, Programming, ASM Hacking and Project Management
* [Yoshidude4] (Co-leader) - Custom Tracks, BGMs/Sound Effects, Graphics and Project Management
* [Szymbar15] - Missions, Karts, and ASM Hacking
* [Tomix] - Custom Characters, Karts, and Tracks
* [Stomatol] - Custom Characters, and BGMs
* [Dark Light] - Custom Battle Arenas
* [Gericom] - ASM Hacking
* [Swiftie Luma] - Custom Karts, Voices, Graphics and Concept Art 

!!!Characters and karts

__Alt Skins__
Ermii: Bidoof\\Fox: Villager\\Yawshi: Midnight Blue (default), Crismon, Gold, Dodger Blue, Chocolate, Magenta, Black, Frost White, Forest Green\\Haruhi: North High (default), Kouyou Academy Haruhi, Hitagi Senjougahara Sodachi Oikura\\Lanky: Professor E. Gadd, Expand Dong\\Bowser: Stylish (default), Dark Bowser\\Rosalina: White Mage, Fire Rosalina\\Mr. Bones: Papyrus, Sans\\Phoenix Wright: Blue (default), Pink\\Doge: Grand Dad, Sponge

|Ermii|MKDasher\\Standard ER\\Turbo Kart
|Fox|Landmaster\\Standard FX\\Arwing
|Lana|G Force\\Standard LN\\Revo Kart
|Yawshi|Turbo Yawshi\\Standard YW\\Arcade Kart
|Haruhi|Bumble V\\Standard HR\\Pipe Frame
|Lanky|Barrel Train\\Standard LK\\Diddy Kart
|Shrek|GLA\\Standard SH\\Speeding Bullet
|Stylish Bowser|Piranha Pipes\\Standard SB\\Super Dash
|Rosalina|Arcade Kart DX\\Standard RS\\Tank Engine
|Mr. Bones|Kamekart\\Standard MB\\Spiny Speeder
|Phoenix Wright|Gunship\\Standard PW\\Biplane
|Doge|Blau Falcon\\Standard DG\\Stone Racer

||Mushroom Cup||Flower Cup||Star Cup||Special Cup||Shell Cup||Banana Cup||Leaf Cup||Rainbow Cup
|Ermelber City\\Rockside River\\Triforce Portals\\Shrek Swamp|Yawshi Circuit\\Rocky Hills\\Heaven & Hell\\Volcano Beach|Sunset Raceway\\Akina Pass\\Haunted Woods\\Donut Galaxy|Doge Desert\\Melancholic Dystopia\\Grand Site\\Raynbow Road|DKR Ancient Lake\\SNES Ghost Valley 1\\GBA Bowser Castle 1\\GCN Peach Beach|MK0 Luigi's Mansion 2\\SNES Vanilla Lake 1\\N64 Royal Raceway\\GBA Riverside Park|DKR Crescent Island\\GBA Sunset Wilds\\3DS Koopa City\\SNES Bowser Castle 1|SNES Rainbow Road\\N64 Rainbow Road\\Wii Rainbow Road\\3DS Rainbow Road


[{Video url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMpHkWmmjxc' width=560 height=315}]\\
Click [here|https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUz3WYYONyWJqNiitj4i1F_1ZeatnnAqV] for a YouTube Playlist of EKDS Content

Patches for Ermii Kart DS (Legacy Edition & Beta 1) can be downloaded/applied here:
* [Ermii Kart Web Patcher|https://ermelber.github.io/ErmiiKartWebPatcher/]
* [Mega|https://mega.nz/file/03BxhYpJ#ji5mlda5jIoI7taOQLhdAAItr0PmC3GS2S9UoXIJYik]