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!!!Naming your page
When giving a name to your page you have to follow the following guidelines to keep the wiki organized:
*__Custom track__ pages only needs to be named after the name of said content. For example [Crystal Village], [Moonlight Lake], etc.
*__Retro track__ page needs to have the prefix of the console it comes from, the name of the track and the author of the port inside parenthesis. For example [SNES Choco Island 3 (SuperGameCube)], [N64 Luigi Raceway (Ermelber)], etc.
*__Texture hack__ pages need to be named as follows: Texture Hack Name (Original Track Texture). For example, a page containing a Shroom Ridge texture called Moonlight Ridge would be named Moonlight Ridge (Shroom Ridge Texture).\\
!!!Creating your page
!!Linking your page
In order to create a page, first you have to create a link to it somewhere. For this tutorial I'll make a page for a custom track.
First thing first on the wiki's main page you'll find the track directory on the top left corner.
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Since I'm going to publish an original Custom Track I have to go to the Original Custom Tracks section.
Once we are on the original tracks section you have to click on the edit button. 
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Chances are that you won't be able to edit the page, if this is the case that means you will need the  member++ role. Simply go to the [Mario Kart DS Modding Discord|https://discordapp.com/invite/CAktUYP] and request the role. We had to implement this because random people kept uploading content that breaks the rules or just vandalizing the wiki.