HyphenHoik (also as 'Hoik' '-Hoik' 'hyphen-Hoik' 'hyphen Hoik' 'dash Hoik 'dash-Hoik' 'hyphen dash Hoik' ('-' is said as "dash"), is a Mario Kart DS Modder and Content Creator for the channels of 'Hyphen Hoik' and 'Shelf'.

[hyphen Hoik Channel|https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCACA6IWY8ilUIqlN2l7JT7g]

[Shelf Channel|https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__5e3SjhQT3mVe1nL51kww]

He is also the creator of the [Ruining Mario Kart DS Series|https://dswiki.garhoogin.com/Wiki.jsp?page=Ruining%20Mario%20Kart%20DS%20Series] of ROM hacks as well as a small number of custom tracks and a battle arena

He is currently developing [The hyphen Hoik Custom Track Collection|https://dswiki.garhoogin.com/Wiki.jsp?page=The%20hyphen%20Hoik%20Custom%20Track%20Collection] a Custom Track Pack featuring many custom tracks from the Ruining Mario Kart DS series as well as one off tracks for various videos