This is a list of all custom tracks made for Mario Kart DS. Please note that this list might not always be 100% current and complete, since new custom tracks are always being created and some of them do not get attention from the community. Some tracks also are not in any custom track distributions.

|| Title || Author 
|[Akina Pass]| Ermelber
|[Alonso Park]| BertochoDS
|[Autumn Forest]| Eider
|[Blue Loop]| ???
|[Calm Atmosphere of a Catalan Port Town - Pyrenean Harbor
]| Prellit
|[Choco Summit]| Lima
|[Cliffside Circuit]| AltairYoshi
|[Crystal Village]| Prellit
|[Color Circuit]| rocoloco321
|[Ermelber Circuit 1]| Ermelber
|[Ermelber Circuit Deluxe]| rocoloco321 
|[Frosty Mountain]| Fr33ze
|[Fishy Dumbvalley]| Prellit
|[Fishdom Island]| Ermelber
|[Flip-Out Ridge]| AltairYoshi
|[Grass Canyon]|Potatoman44
|[Haunted Cliffs]| Prellit
|[Lava Beach]|Prellit
|[Mars Colony 2150]| Prellit
|[Moonlight Lake]| AltairYoshi
|[Monochrome Raceway]| rocoloco321
|[Mudstone Mesa]| Egbert45
|[Mushroom Garden]| Xgone
|[NEW Mario Circuit]| onlypuppy7
|[Puzzle Plank Pass]| AltairYoshi
|[Pyramid Playground]| AltairYoshi
|[Rainbow Mountain]| Prellit
|[Sarasa Kingdom]| AltairYoshi
|[Seaside Scramble]| Egbert45
|[Snowflake Canyon]| Xgone
|[Snowman Village]| Prellit
|[Snowy Thrill Trail]| AltairYoshi
|[Swag Rock]| hyphen-Hoik
|[Toad Road]| AltairYoshi
|[Waterfall Valley]| Prellit
|[YoshiS Raceway]| Lima
|[Led-Neon Town]| Xgone