This is a list of all tracks from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX(Arcade) and its spin-off Mario Kart Arcade GP VR(Arcade) that have been made for Mario Kart DS as custom tracks.\\
!!!Track Listing

|[DX Peach Castle]|-
|[DX Kingdom Way]|-
|[DX Splash Circuit]|-
|[DX Tropical Coast]|-
|[DX Bon Dance Street]|-
|[DX Omatsuri Circuit]|-
|[DX Aerial Road]|-
|[DX Sky Arena]|-
|[DX Bowser's Factory]|[Ermelber]
|[DX Bowser's Castle]|-
|[DX PAC-MAN Stadium]|-
|[DX NAMCO Circuit]|-
|[DX Bananan Labyrinth]|-
|[DX DK Jungle]|-