This is a list of all tracks from Mario Kart Tour that have been made for Mario Kart DS as custom tracks.\\
!!!Track Listing

|[Tour New York Minute ]|rocoloco321
|[Tour New York Minute 2]|-
|[Tour New York Minute 3]|-
|[Tour New York Minute 4]|-
|[Tour Tokyo Blur]|-
|[Tour Tokyo Blur 2]|-
|[Tour Tokyo Blur 3]|-
|[Tour Tokyo Blur 4]|-
|[Tour Paris Promenade]|-
|[Tour Paris Promenade 2]|-
|[Tour Paris Promenade 3]|-
|[Tour London Loop]|-
|[Tour London Loop 2]|-
|[Tour London Loop 3]|-
|[Tour Vancouver Velocity|Vancouver Velocity (Eider)]|Eider
|[Tour Vancouver Velocity 2]|-
|[Tour N64 Kalimari Desert 2]|-
|[Tour Los Angeles Laps]|-
|[Tour Los Angeles Laps 2]|-
|[Tour Los Angeles Laps 3]|-
|[Tour Merry Mountain]|Eider
|[Tour Berlin Byways]|-
|[Tour Berlin Byways 2]|-
|[Tour Ninja Hideaway]|-
|[Tour Sydney Sprint]|-
|[Tour Sydney Sprint 2]|-
|[Tour Amsterdam Drift]|-
|[Tour Amsterdam Drift 2]|-
|[Tour Bangkok Rush]|-
|[Tour Sky High Sundae]|-

!!!Track Listing (RMX)
|[RMX Mario Circuit 1]|-
|[RMX Choco Island 1]|-
|[RMX Choco Island 2]|-
|[RMX Rainbow Road]|-
|[RMX Rainbow Road 2]|-
|[RMX Vanilla Lake 1]|-
|[RMX Ghost Valley 1]|-
|[RMX Bowser's Castle 1]|-