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[https://mega.nz/file/41kWwJrS#mkU5GSqiFNEYlyfwhB05-XtgPgy6_6XVPiNjjBNT4lI] (Fixed Distortion Flipper and mission 2-3 for real hardware)

Creator= SYStEM

Tracks= Texture Hacked + Custom Tracks

Battle Tracks= Texture Hacked

Vehicles= Texture Hacked

Release= January 13th, 2013

version= 1.3 EUR, 1.3 US

Predecessor= [Mario Kart CW Tri]

Successor= [Mario Kart First]

Footage: [https://youtu.be/546WYh4iMSQ]\\
[{Video url='https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=546WYh4iMSQ' width=560 height=315}]

(do not download from this video, it's showcasing an old version of MK0)

*1 Origins
*2 Staff (SYStEM)
*3 Tracks
*3.1 Mushroom Cup
*3.2 Flower Cup
*3.3 Star Cup
*3.4 Special Cup
*3.5 Shell Cup
*3.6 Banana Cup
*3.7 Leaf Cup
*3.8 Lightning Cup
*3.9 Battle Mode
*4 Characters
*5 Karts
*6 Missions


After gathering experience contributing to the MKCW project, when texture hacking started becoming possible, Szymbar15 thought about making his own hack. Containing texture hacks of everything, he took a buggy MKCWOSE 6.2 ROM, fixed all bugs and started to texture. But Szymbar15 was not the only person involved; Super joined his project soon afterwards. Next, MKDS started helping them. In addition, to complete this quartet, Szymbar15 invited Yoshidude4. Afterwards, a new member, Ermelber, which is a MKWii hacker, and who is specialised with graphics hacking. Ermelber is Italian, so he became the Italian translator, as well. After collecting some data, he translated Select Character Screen images to all 5 languages!

!Staff (SYStEM)

*Szymbar15: Production Director, Hacker, Texture Hacker, Publisher, Music Hacker, Graphic Designer, Custom Track Designer
*Yoshidude4: Hacker, Texture Hacker, Publisher, Deputy Director
*Superstarxalien169: Translator, Hacker, Texture Hacker, Music Hacker
*Ermelber: All languages Translator (expecially Italian), Graphics Designer, Custom Track Developer/Designer
*MKDS1992: Staff Ghoster


Mushroom Cup

*Luigi's Mansion 2 (texture hack of GCN Mario Circuit) by Super
*Koopa Falls (texture hack of Yoshi Falls) by Yoshidude4
*Peach Peach Beach (texture hack of Cheep Cheep Beach) by Yoshidude4
*Peach's Castle (texture hack of Luigi's Mansion) by Yoshidude4

Flower Cup

*Bowser's Lava Circle (custom track) by Ray
*Delfino City (texture hack of Delfino Square) by Yoshidude4
*Pipe Pinball (texture hack of Beta Pinball) by Super and Yoshidude4
*Ermelber Circuit 1 (custom track) by Ermelber

Star Cup

*DK Pass Summit (texture hack of DK Pass) by Super
*Rainbow Place (texture hack of Dokan Course) by Super, Yoshidude4 and Szymbar15
*N64 Mario Raceway (custom track) by Ermelber
*Sky Arena (texture hack of Airship Fortress) by Super

Special Cup

*Volcanic Island (texture hack of Nokonoko Beach) by Yoshidude4
*DK Garden (texture hack of DK Pass) by Yoshidude4 and Szymbar15
*Super Christmas Den (texture hack of Bowser's Castle) by Super, Yoshidude4 and Szymbar15
*Rainbow Ray Road (custom track) by Ray

Shell Cup

*GB Mario Land (texture hack of SNES Mario Circuit 1) by Yoshidude4
*N64 Moo Moo Beach (texture hack of N64 Moo Moo Farm) by Yoshidude4
*Neo Peach Circuit (texture hack of GBA Peach Circuit) by Super and Yoshidude4
*GCN Sherbet Raceway (texture hack of GCN Luigi Circuit) Ermelber

Banana Cup

*Ray's Circuit (custom track) by Ray
*Ray's Polar Circuit (custom track) by Ray
*GBA Rainbow Road (custom track) by Ermelber
*SNES Rainbow Road (custom track) by Szymbar15

Leaf Cup

*XoLT's Garden (custom track) by XoLT
*N64 Mountain Raceway (texture hack of N64 Choco Mountain) by Yoshidude4
*Sunset Raceway (custom track) by Yoshidude4 and Ermelber
*GCN Toad's Turnpike (texture hack of GCN Mushroom Bridge) by Super

Lightning Cup

*Distortion Flipper (texture hack of Luigi's Cookie Flipper) by Szymbar15 and Super
*N64 Bad Bad Chippy (texture hack of N64 Banshee Boardwalk) by Szymbar15
*Fr33ze Circuit (custom track) by Fr33ze
*GCN Blue Yoshi Circuit (texture hack of GCN Yoshi Circuit) by Super

Battle Mode

*Black Nintendo DS (texture hack of Nintendo DS)
*GCN Luigi's Mansion (texture hack of GCN Block City)
*Volcanic Shore (texture hack of Palm Shore)
*Ice Tart (texture hack of Tart Top)
*N64 DK Fort (texture hack of N64 Block Fort)
*GCN Shroob Plaza (texture hack of GCN Pipe Plaza)


*Ice Mario: by Szymbar15
*Flying Luigi: by Superstarxalien169
*Fawful Guy: by Superstarxalien169
*Blue Yoshi: by Szymbar15
*Young Toadsworth: by Szymbar15
*Snowy Kong: by Superstarxalien169
*Robotnik: Yoshidude4
*Dark Bowser: Yoshidude4
*Rosalina: by Szymbar15
*Red Koopa Troopa: by Szymbar15 and Superstarxalien169
*Green Waluigi: by alexvire
*Dark R.O.B.: by Yoshidude4

*Ice Dasher
*Standard IMR
*Freezing Star
*Cyandust 4000
*Standard FLG
*Standard FG
*Light Creeper
*Egg 2
*Standard BYS
*Standard TW
*4-Wheel Retro
*Snowy Rambi
*Standard SK
*Brute Force
*Standard RB
*Standard DBW
*Dark Plane
*Powerless Bloom
*Standard RS
*Light Dancer
*Standard KT
*Hot Bomber
*Diamond Mantis
*Standard GWL
*Standard DRB

__Missions labeled "(no mission)" will crash if selected.
||Level ||Objective ||Time limit ||Track ||Character
|1-1 |Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order! |0:35 |Luigi's Mansion 2 |Ice Mario
|1-2 |Collect all 15 coins! |0:30 |Neo Peach Circuit |Fawful Guy
|1-3 |Destroy all 15 item boxes! |0:45 |Koopa Falls |Blue Yoshi
|1-4 |Get the Star and use it to hit 5 Cheep Cheeps! |0:40 |Peach Peach Beach |Robotnik
|1-5 |Drive through all 6 numbered gates in order! |0:30 |Black Nintendo DS |Toadsworth
|1-6 |Drive out of the mansion... backward! |0:45 |Peach's Castle |Flying Luigi
|1-7 |Collect all 20 coins! |0:35 |Snowy Kong |N64 Moo Moo Beach
|1-8 |Perform 4 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap! |0:45 |GB Mario Land |Ice Mario
|1-Boss |Use Mushrooms to crash into the Big Bully and knock him off the stage! |3:00 |Water Arena |Blue Yoshi
|2-1 |Crash into all 10 wooden crates and destroy every one! |0:55 |Delfino City |Robotnik
|2-2 |Collect all 10 coins! |0:30 |Luigi's Mansion 2 |Blue Yoshi
|2-3 |Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order! |0:45 |Ray's Circuit |Snowy Kong 
|2-4 |Destroy all 5 item boxes! |0:35 |Peach's Castle |Flying Luigi
|2-5 |Collect all 20 coins! |0:30 |Peach Peach Beach |Fawful Guy
|2-6 |Use Bob-ombs to destroy all 5 Pokeys! |0:55 |Bowser's Lava Circle |Robotnik
|2-7 |Drive through all 10 numbered gates in order! |0:55 |GCN Sherbet Raceway |Toadsworth
|2-8 |Perform 6 power-slide turbo boosts in 3 laps! |0:55 |SNES Rainbow Road |Fawful Guy
|2-Boss |Hit the Eyerok's eyeball 3 times with shells! |5:00 |Sand Arena |Ice Mario
|3-1 |Destroy all 5 item boxes! |0:50 |Pipe Pinball |Robotnik
|3-2 |Drive through all 5 numbered gates in order... backward! |0:50 |Delfino City |Dark Bowser
|3-3 |Collect all 15 coins while avoiding the Chain Chomp! |0:25 |GCN Sherbet Raceway |Flying Luigi
|3-4 |Reach the finish before Yoshi! |n/a |Koopa Falls |Fawful Guy
|3-5 |Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order! |0:45 |GCN Shroob Plaza |Blue Yoshi
|3-6 |Hit Monty Moles with shells 5 times! |1:05 |N64 Moo Moo Beach |Flying Luigi
|3-7 |(no mission) | | |
|3-8 |Collect all 20 coins! |0:32 |Black Nintendo DS |Ice Mario
|3-Boss |(no mission) | | |
|4-1 |Reach the finish before Donkey Kong! |n/a |DK Pass Summit |Robotnik
|4-2 |Blast 20 crabs! |2:00 |Volcanic Shore |Blue Yoshi
|4-3 |(no mission) | | |
|4-4 |(no mission) | | |
|4-5 |(no mission) | | |
|4-6 |Break all 10 item boxes while avoiding the Fake Items! |1:10 |N64 Mountain Raceway |Snowy Kong
|4-7 |(no mission) | | |
|4-8 |(no mission) | | |
|4-Boss |Collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo! |5:00 |Lava Arena |Fawful Guy
|5-1 |(no mission) | | |
|5-2 |(unbeatable) | | |
|5-3 |(no mission) | | |
|5-4 |(no mission) | | |
|5-5 |Complete 1 lap in the opposite direction within the time limit! |0:55 |GCN Toad's Turnpike |Ice Mario
|5-6 |Collect all 18 coins! |0:45 |Ice Tart |Blue Yoshi
|5-7 |Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order! |0:45 |DK Pass Summit |Toadsworth
|5-8 |(unbeatable) | | |
|5-Boss |Hit the Big Bob-omb with 3 Bob-ombs! |5:00 |Sand Arena |Robotnik
|6-1 |Drive backward across the spinning bridge! If you fall, you're out! |0:30 |Super Christmas Den |Dark Bowser
|6-2 |Get stars and run over 15 Rocky Wrenches! |0:55 |Sky Arena |Robotnik
|6-3 |Collect all 20 coins! |1:00 |Distortion Flipper |Dark ROB
|6-4 |Destroy all 10 item boxes! |2:00 |N64 DK Fort |Ice Mario
|6-5 |(no mission) | | |
|6-6 |Perform 14 power-slide turbo boosts in 1-lap! |1:00 |GCN Blue Yoshi Circuit |Blue Yoshi
|6-7 |(no mission) | | |
|6-8 |(no mission) | | |
|6-Boss |Use Mushroom boosts to hit Chief Chilly and knock him off the stage 3 times! |5:00 |Water Arena |Flying Luigi
|7-1 |Perform 12 power-slide turbo boosts in 1 lap! |1:30 |Rainbow Ray Road |Fawful Guy
|7-2 |Reach the finish before Bowser! |n/a |Super Christmas Den |Ice Mario
|7-3 |(no mission) | | |
|7-4 |Get enough strength to face 99 Power Slides within 6 laps |4:30 |Koopa Falls |Toadsworth
|7-5 |(no mission) | | |
|7-6 |Drive through all 8 numbered gates in order! |0:11 |Black Nintendo DS |Ice Mario
|7-7 |Drive backward and collect all 12 coins! If you hit a burner, you fail! |0:50 |Sky Arena |Dark Bowser
|7-8 |Break all 10 item boxes while avoiding the Fake Items! |1:05 |N64 Bad Bad Chippy |Flying Luigi
|7-Boss |Reach the finish before Wiggler! |n/a |GCN Toad's Turnpike |Ice Mario