||Sarasa Kingdom||
||Author|[AltairYoshi], [Sunix]
||Last\\Updated|2019-03-24 (?)
||Download (Xdelta, US)|[Google Drive|https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_RYuyb2n0U54jzgMud-gmkDr8Oju62ki]

This is a track designed by Sunix, and made by AltairYoshi. It takes place on a small island owned by Daisy, presumably taking place in her kingdom, Sarasaland. It is inspired after Mario Kart Wii's Daisy Circuit, featuring textures from there, and it also features a statue of Daisy. The author is planning a remake soon.\\
This course replaces Delfino Square.
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!!!Version History
|__Version__|__Date of release__|__Information__
|1.0|2020-05-06|Public Release