Camera Intros and Replay Cameras#

Disclaimer: This tutorial was originally created by Louiskovski. This was ported by NintyYoshi from the DSHack archive to make it easier to access, while also getting rid of the outdated parts. Anyway, have fun making cameras! :)

Camera Intros are small cameraviews, that gives the player a cool view for your track. Replay Cameras are views after finishing the race and in replay, and shows views from your driver and also the course (in Grand Prix and Time Trial). They can give your track a cool and interesting view.
This tutorial will lead you though the creaton of these cameras, as well as some tipps ;)

Recommended Tools: Mario Kart Toolbox

List of all Camera types:
-0: Fixed replay Camera, that looks on the driver
-1: Replay Camera on Path
-2: Camera Intro without Path (unused)
-3: Camera Intro on Path (Top Screen)
-4: Camera Intro on Path with a different look (Bottom Screen)
-5: Replay Camera with fixed view on the driver
-6: Replay Camera when finishing (will only be used when the driver reaches the goal)

Replay Cameras will be activated, if the driver enters an Area. Before we begin, we will take a look at Areas and how we create them. Note by Ninty: MKTB can now view areas, so you can follow the steps here but instead of EFE, use MKTB!

Areas are different in MKDS than in other Mario games. Instead of a normal scale, they uses "Lenght Vector" and a X,Y and Z - Vector.
Lenght Vector is the normal scale from the area, while the X,Y,Z Vectors can form the edges from the area.

To make an Area with normal edges, set the X,Y,Z Vectors to this:

To rotate an area, change for example in X Vector the X to a number and the Z the same like x, but with a - before it. Then give the Z Vector the SAME values like X Vector, but without a - before the numbers:

And here the settings for an Area:

This changes the Type of an Area. However, any Camera related Area has ever an 1. Other types are propably for effects
Enter here the ID of the replay camera
Propably used for effects. any Camera related Area has ever just 0's in these settings

Good, let's start with the Intro Cameras!
It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use MKToolbox! It can play your intros and has a 3D view.

We start with type 3 and 4:#

Intro cameras goes along a path. While the camera moves on the path, it looks on two Viewpoints. When the camera starts, it looks at Viewpoint 1, then it rotates to Viewpoint 2, while it moves on the path. A Camera Intro uses two CAMEs, one for the Top and one for the Bottom screen. That's the basic of this intro camera, but it has some other settings, you should know. Try to play a bit with MKToolbox.

That's, how long the camera should be used, before the game uses another camera.
To get the Camera's aquial to Nintento's music, you can use this Duration template:
1. Camera: 210
2. Camera: 200
3. Camera: 250

First Intro Camera:
This tells the game, which camera should start at first. Give the starting camera for the Top Screen the value TOP and the starting camera for the Bottom Screen the value BOTTOM. Any other existing camera on your track should have the value NO

Linked Route:
Enter here the ID of the route, the camera should move along

Next Camera:
Enter here the ID of the next camera, that should be used after the Duration of the actual camera is over

Route Speed:
This is the speed, how fast the camera should move the path along

Enter here the type of the camera (yes, that's true)

Field of View:
This is used for replay cameras, so it's useless for Intros

Keine Ahnung

This is the position of the brown cube. It's position and rotation effect's nothing to the camera, but it's good to place it somewhere, where you can find it

This is, how fast the camera should rotate to look from Viewpoint 1 to 2.

The coordinates of the first and the second Viewpoints. It's easier to place two normal objects on the track and copy-paste it's coordinates to the two viewpoints

Now type 2 and 4:#

These cameratypes are much simpler than the other, but also less advanced. They seems to be only used in the unused GCN Mario Circuit Course. The Kiosk Beta game has some courses, that uses the same intro from GCN Mario Circuit, but they all are deactivated and can only be activated with hex editing in the beta. Beta n64 Sherbet Land also uses these types.

The camera looks at two Viewpoints. When the camera starts, it looks at Viewpoint 1, then it rotates to Viewpoint 2. The camera doesn't goes along the path, so the position of the camera is definied by it's coordinates (brown cube). That are the only differences to the normal camera intro.

Replay Cameras#

Replay Cameras uses Areas to activate. When the driver enters an Area, the definied replay camera will be activated. When the driver exit the Area, the camera won't be used anymore until the driver enters the Area again.
You should place the Areas really near together. If the driver goes to a place, where no Areas are, the camera will look at the back from the driver, like if you don't have any camera in the track.

Here are the types:
0: Fixed replay Camera
This camera is fixed at one place and looks at the driver
The camera's position is definied by it's coordinates (brown cube)
Really easy to make

1: Replay Camera on Path
This camera works like type 0, but it goes along a path.
It uses these settings:
Linked Route: What could that mean?
Route Speed: How fast the camera moves on the path

5: Replay Camera with fixed view on the driver
This camera looks with an angle on the driver and moves exactly with the driver.
It's Angles are set in the Viewpoints section. The Viewpoint 2 seems to be the point where the camera looks at, while Viewpoint 1 is the position of the camera.
The Field of View Section can get the camera move a little bit. For example a small zoom out.
It's hard to explain, how to create a camera like this, so it's the best to look at other tracks. Play a replay on a course and if you see a good angle, copypaste it's setting to your replay camera.

6: Replay Camera when finishing
This is the same like type 5, but it is only used, when the driver reaches the goal. It doesn't need an Area.

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