This page outlines the rules for using this site.

1. Limit to one account per person please.

2. When creating a hack page, please be sure it includes evidence, be it screenshots, videos, etc.

3. Do not vandalize pages on the wiki.

4. Do not link to full ROMs, link to patches instead. Single archives are fine, however.

5. Standalone content must provide the necessary files for the content directly, it must not be assessable exclusively through xdelta, or other patch formats. However, a patch may be provided as an alternative alongside the directly provided files for the content in question.

6. Standalone content may not come bundled with unrelated content. If you download a CT for example, it should only include the files necessary for that CT. Examples include bundling in a different CT, a custom character, kart, or other such unrelated content.

7. Do not upload on behalf on someone else unless permission is requested from the creator of the content in question (Does not apply to legacy content)

8. Do not create pages for Custom Tracks that are exclusive to a ROM Hack or those that are not publicly available (For example Shrek's Swamp from EKDS or Incendia Castle by rocoloco321).

9. When linking download links please use a trusted file hosting service (i.e. Mega, Google Drive or MediaFire. The use of discord links is not allowed because they might be gone in any time as discord is not a file hosting service.

Published Works Policy#

  • You are only allowed to post freely usable content on this wiki. All posted content must be freely accessible without password or registration on other internet platforms.
  • The main form of content includes custom tracks, fonts, characters, texture hacks, objects, programs, and other similar things.
  • All posted content is the property of its respective creators, including, but not limited to, textures, models, layout, and design. Mario Kart is created by Nintendo; this website is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or its associates.
  • If you want to modify an author’s work, you must ask for permission, unless specifically stated by said author that it is not required.
    • If the author’s account has no contributions after one year, and their user page has no requirements for updating tracks, then updates are allowed without permission. If they state that they do require permission, then an attempt to receive permission – either through a talk page or by other means – is still required.

Regarding Custom Track Distributions#

  • You are allowed to use any Custom Track from this Wiki on a distribution, unless the Custom Track's author states otherwise.
    • Failing to do so will result on the deletion of the distribution's page

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