This article is for SuperGameCube, Nyan64 & rocoloco321's port. For other versions see GBA Bowser Castle 4
GBA Bowser Castle 4
AuthorSuperGameCube, Nyan64, rocoloco321
Download (v1.2)Mega


GBA Bowser Castle 4 is a port of the track from Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
It's based on the original version. SuperGameCube modeled it to be as close to the original tile map as possible. Nyan64 assisted SuperGameCube with the port by redrawing the background textures to be more fitting to use on the DS. Rocoloco321 liked the port, and so he offered to make a Nintendo-style local map for it, which was implemented in v1.1


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This Custom Track can be used as long as the creator is credited.

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