This article is for Supercookie, Nyan64 & Prellit's port. For other versions see GBA Snow Land

NameGBA Snow Land
AuthorSupercookie, Nyan64, Prellit
Last Updated2023-09-10


GBA Snow Land (Supercookie, Nyan64 & Prellit) is a port of the track from Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
It's based on the original version, modeled by Supercookie in the style of Nintendo’s official retro tracks. Supercookie also created a DS styled port of the original track's song with a custom soundbank. Nyan64 provided the textures for the Nintendo styled skybox. Prellit added some touch ups to the visual model, such as making a smoother transition between the main road and the ice offroad and converting many of the course's tris to quads.


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This Custom Track can be used as long as the creator is credited.

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