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Naming your page#

When giving a name to your page you have to follow the following guidelines to keep the wiki organized:
  • Custom track pages only needs to be named after the name of said content. For example Crystal Village, Moonlight Lake, etc.
  • Retro track page needs to have the prefix of the console it comes from, the name of the track and the author of the port inside parenthesis. For example SNES Choco Island 3 (SuperGameCube), N64 Luigi Raceway (Ermelber), etc.
  • Texture hack pages need to be named as follows: Texture Hack Name (Original Track Texture). For example, a page containing a Shroom Ridge texture called Moonlight Ridge would be named Moonlight Ridge (Shroom Ridge Texture).

Creating your page#

Linking your page#

In order to create a page, first you have to create a link to it somewhere. For this tutorial I'll make a page for a custom track. First thing first on the wiki's main page you'll find the track directory on the top left corner.
Since I'm going to publish an original Custom Track I have to go to the Original Custom Tracks section.
Once we are on the original tracks section you have to click on the edit button.
Chances are that you won't be able to edit the page, if this is the case that means you will need the member++ role. Simply go to the Mario Kart DS Modding Discord and request the role. We had to implement this because random people kept uploading content that breaks the rules or just vandalizing the wiki.

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