How to make a course preview picture#

This tutorial will guide you through the process of generating and extracting your course preview icon.

Making your image#

Your course picture must have a size of 70x88 pixels. Here is an example of a course picture.

Generating your course picture using MKTB#

Open the track that corresponds the image you just created on mktb and click on the gear icon.

Click on the "Course Picture" tab

Click on generate

Open the image you made earlier

Your course picture should be generated now

Extracting your course pictures#

This procedure isn't required but you'll need it if you want to submit your track to CTGP-Nitro

Open your project folder on windows explorer

Browse to the following route: data\data\CupPicture

You'll need to copy and paste three files with a similar name:

Being XXXXX either nitro or retro and YY the course id in the order that appears in the course select screen. for example the files for figure 8 circuit would be:

For GCN LC would be:

and so on.

Once you located your files copy and paste them on the folder where you'll put your course files.

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