An ASM Hack is any kind of modification to the game's code. In order to learn how to patch an ASM hack, please refer to this tutorial

This is a list with ASM hacks made for MKDS. All of the ASM hacks listed below are made for the European release of Mario Kart DS

NOTE: Creating a wiki page for a simple ASM hack (Such as the ROB palette disabler) is not required. Simply link the ASM Hack on this table.

ASM HackAuthorInformation
ROB Pallete Swap DisablerErmelberDisables the hardcoded ROB palette swap in non-Japanese copies of MKDS. Hence making it possible to replace him by any other character.
Mission DisableErmelberWhen you use the D-pad to select a mode, it skips over mission mode, and goes back to GP Mode. (The touch of the mission mode button can be removed by editing a file in the game)
No RetroErmelberRevokes access to the retro cups. Pressing up, or down on the d-pad won't select a retro cup. You'll need to edit a file in the game to remove the touch screen input. Useful if you want to make a smaller scale 16 track hack instead of the normal 32. Note: Retro tracks will still show up in VS if you choose the random setting for courses, to mask this just replace the Retro Tracks wil clones/dupes of your other tracks. Also makes unlocking everything by playing the game normally impossible. So include a 100% save file with your hack if you use this.
Polygon IDErmelberFixes issues with translucent textures in certain courses that are caused by polygonal ID stuff. (Only use if it's really needed, otherwise it's useless).
Warp PipesErmelberEnables Warp Pipe behaviour outside of battle mode. Requires to be edited in order to be properly used. Please refer to this image
Global MapErmelberRemoves the hardcoded rotation global maps have on certain courses
5 CupsRocoloco321 and PrellitChange the cup cursor mouvement and some unlock condition to have 5 cups. The ASM do not change the graphic layout nor the touchscreen layout, please edit their respective .bnbl and .bncl file to avoid being able to access the other cups.
Local Map DisablerSzymbarDisables local maps except in battle mode
TricksPrellitAdds tricks to the game

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