This is a list of all tracks from Mario Kart Tour that have been made for Mario Kart DS as custom tracks.

Track Listing#

Tour New York Minute rocoloco321
Tour New York Minute 2-
Tour New York Minute 3-
Tour New York Minute 4-
Tour Tokyo Blur-
Tour Tokyo Blur 2-
Tour Tokyo Blur 3-
Tour Tokyo Blur 4-
Tour Paris Promenade-
Tour Paris Promenade 2-
Tour Paris Promenade 3-
Tour London Loop-
Tour London Loop 2-
Tour London Loop 3-
Tour Vancouver VelocityEider
Tour Vancouver Velocity 2-
Tour Vancouver Velocity 3-
Tour N64 Kalimari Desert 2-
Tour Los Angeles Laps-
Tour Los Angeles Laps 2-
Tour Los Angeles Laps 3-
Tour Merry MountainEider
Tour Berlin Byways-
Tour Berlin Byways 2-
Tour Berlin Byways 3-
Tour Ninja Hideaway-
Tour Sydney Sprint-
Tour Sydney Sprint 2-
Tour Sydney Sprint 3-
Tour Singapore Speedway-
Tour Singapore Speedway 2-
Tour Singapore Speedway 3-
Tour Amsterdam Drift-
Tour Amsterdam Drift 2-
Tour Amsterdam Drift 3-
Tour Bangkok Rush-
Tour Bangkok Rush 2-
Tour Bangkok Rush 3-
Tour Sky High Sundae-
Tour Piranha Plant Cove-
Tour Piranha Plant Cove 2-
Tour Piranha Plant Cove 3-
Tour Athens Dash-
Tour Athens Dash 2-
Tour Athens Dash 3-
Tour Yoshi's Island-
Tour Rome Avanti-
Tour Rome Avanti 2-
Tour Rome Avanti 3-
Tour Piranha Plant Pipeline-
Tour Squeaky Clean Sprint-
Tour Madrid Drive-
Tour Madrid Drive 2BertochoDS
Tour Madrid Drive 3-

Track Listing (RMX)#

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