Authors: (NeoWynaut, Mewy, Anabell, YamiHoshi, RedStripes, mkdasher, jimbo390, Superstarxalien169, MKDS/Gericom, tapioca, ultrasn0w, Frozen Cartridge, Success, Szymbar15, TopazLink, spyrosbiggestfan5678)

Development: June 26th, 2006 - April 2nd, 2011 (Legacy)

Successors: Mario Kart Zero, Mario Kart Mega, and some unknown ones.

Download (Tri):

Release Date:

  • June 26th, 2006 (Beta 1.0)
  • September 2007 (Beta 2.0)
  • 2008 (Beta 2.1)
  • April 2nd, 2009 (Final)
  • April 2nd, 2010 (X)
  • April 2nd, 2011 (Tri and OSE)

This is worlds first released MKDS Hack, with restoring Beta Tracks as its main care. It had a huge team of contributors, starting after the release of Mario Kart CW Final, which helped them a lot.

The OSE version has widely been used as a template for most other MKDS Hacks.



It was December 2005, 1 month after the release of Mario Kart DS in Europe, when Parasyte from Kodewerx (GSCentral back then) was experimenting with his own Debugger, and found GCN Mario Circuit in it, completely untextured. Months later, Kushan* found another bunch of Beta Tracks. She promised to release a, back then impossible MKDS hack: Mario Kart DS 2. However, this has never happened, and Kushan* disappeared from the internet, just before new year of 2006-2007.

NeoWynaut got tutored by Kushan* via MSN, and learned how to do these kind of stuff. He has shared this information with Mewy, and released Mario Kart CW Beta 1.0, being the first MKDS Hack ever. All tracks were playable on any Flash Card.


With Kushan* disappeared, nothing new was taught. The formal Community was slowly growing, members mainly started to join, to find out how to hack (or for the love of a specific person). Then it was September, Neo was shocked to see a non-working track, working on a DS Handheld. In other facts, all the other tracks that didn't on exactly that position, started to work! This resulted in a second MKCWB release: Mario Kart CW Beta 2.0. This hack got lots of bad feedback, because it didn't seem to work for users with a Slot-1 card, which were brand new in 2007, and became incredibly popular. Neo decided to release Mario Kart CW versions annually. YamiHoshi (called "Pisman", back then), has joined, as a promise to help improving She became a Full Administrator, a few months later.


It was 2008, and nothing new seemed to happen. But instead, became bankrupt. The whole has gone for good. In addition to that, Mewy was suddenly announced to be killed.

A half year passed, and no word about, but Team started the concept all over, as DSHack, which is simply based on "Nintendo DS Hacking". Goals and concept remained the same. When that was done, NeoWynaut, Anabell, and Pisman together released Mario Kart CW 2.1, with only 1 change. This too, got a lot of bad feedback, for the same reasons. It's unclear when this one released, but it was somewhere between September and November.


Still with no new ways of porting Textures to the Final game, it looked like Team has given up. But suddenly, a Spanish member joined the party, explaining Team how to port Beta Textures to the Final MKDS. One month later, on DSHack's 8th Birthday, Mario Kart CW Final became a fact, which was the first MKDS Final Hack, with fully textured Beta Tracks.

DSHack was rebranded to DSHack Core, DSHack Core 2, X, and then simply "". Some users still call the Forums "DSHack", even though it's no longer called like that.


Mario Kart CW Final had so many positive feedback, the Community started to grow a lot since. Lots of other people started to contribute new stuff to the project, and resulted into Mario Kart CW X, which made unplayable tracks playable, and contained further customizations, like an own Logo.


This was a much promising year for this project: This year marked the 10th year of In addition to that, it also marked the 5th year of Mario Kart CW Project. There were 3 releases planned: Mario Kart CW Tri, Mario Kart CW OSE (Open-Source Edition), and Mario Kart CW Beta 3.0. Mario Kart CW Tri was the last frozen release of Mario Kart CW, with further customizations, and more fixes. This hack has been welcomed with a Live Stream. Mario Kart CW OSE was meant to make it maintainable for anybody, and it has also been used as a template for other Hacks. Mario Kart CW Beta 3.0 was meant to be released on the 5th Anniversary of Mario Kart CW Project, which was on June 26th, 2011, but the lack of new stuff resulted it into cancelation. In addition to that, the development of MKCW OSE stopped soon after, making this a legacy project.

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