Mario Kart DS Errata#

This page documents some of the mistakes found in the final release of Mario Kart DS.

Programming Errors#

This section highlights errors in the game that are a result of a programming mistake.

Flower Cup Cursor Bug#

When selecting Shroom Ridge in Time Trials mode, return to the track select from the ghost selection menu and the cursor will be placed on Desert Hills instead of Shroom Ridge.

Waluigi Sound Bug#

When entering an 8-player race with selected characters being Bowser, Wario, Luigi, Yoshi, DK, Daisy, Mario and Waluigi, then Waluigi's voice will fail to be loaded into memory due to the driver voice sound heap being half a kilobyte too small to fit it. The game detects this failure, and, rather than crashing, leaves Waluigi mute during the race.

Swooper Collision Bug#

When hitting a Swooper, its Y-velocity (before normalization) is left uninitialized, making its direction non-deterministic.

Prolonged Rocket Boost#

It is possible to maintain the starting boost by repeating mini turbos quick enough that the boost timer doesn't run out.

OK Button Animation Bug#

When preparing a VS or Battle Mode session in Random mode, after pressing the OK button, the button stops animating. It will not resume animating when pressing Back.

Shrunk Driver Collision Bug#

When colliding with another driver, the effective weight of a kart is decreased if it is shrunk by thunder bolt. The check is improperly done for the kart being hit, so its weight is decreased as well only if the source kart is shrunk.

Track Errors#

This section highlights some of the design flaws in specific tracks.

Bowser's Castle#

In Bowser's Castle, when starting the race in 8th place, the place counter shows 7th place.

Luigi's Mansion#

In Luigi's Mansion, there exists a bug that shows up when doing a stand still turn on the first staircase. This crashes the game due to a null pointer access trying to play a sound that doesn't exist.

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