An old hack made by team SYSTEM that contained texture hacks, custom tracks and featured a scrolling cup system, years before CTGP Nitro! It's nothing too big, but it's a simple hack for its time.


Mario Kart First/Mario Kart First__28139.png Mario Kart First/Mario Kart First__28884.png


Mushroom Cup

  • Epicest Raceway (texture hack of Figure-8 Circuit)
  • Bianco Falls (texture hack of Yoshi Falls)
  • Treasure Trove Cove (texture hack of Cheep Cheep Beach)
  • Dry Dry Ruins (texture hack of Luigi's Mansion)

Flower Cup

  • Volcano Hills (texture hack of Desert Hills)
  • Delfino City II (texture hack of Delfino Square)
  • Waluigi Pinball (unchanged)
  • Moonview Ridge (texture hack of Shroom Ridge)

Star Cup

  • DK Mountain (texture hack of DK Pass)
  • Tick Tock Clock (unchanged)
  • SM64 Circuit (texture hack of Mario Circuit)
  • Airship Fortress (unchanged)

Special Cup

  • Wario Colloseum (texture hack of Wario Stadium)
  • NSMB 1-1 (texture hack of Peach Gardens)
  • Bowser's GCN Castle (texture hack of Bowser's Castle)
  • Rainbow Road (unchanged)

Shell Cup

  • NES Bros. Circuit (texture hack of SNES Mario Circuit 1)
  • N64 Petal Meadows (texture hack of N64 Moo Moo Farm)
  • GBA Lineland Raceway (texture hack of GBA Peach Circuit)
  • GCN Neo Luigi Circuit (texture hack of GCN Luigi Circuit)

Banana Cup

  • SNES Donut Plains 1 (unchanged)
  • N64 Frappe Snowland (unchanged)
  • GBA X-Naut Fortress (texture hack of GBA Bowser's Castle 2)
  • GCN Baby Park (unchanged)

Leaf Cup

  • SNES Koopa Beach 2 (unchanged)
  • N64 Choco Mountain (unchanged)
  • NES Luigi Circuit (texture hack of GBA Luigi Circuit)
  • GCN Wuhu Loop (texture hack of GCN Mushroom Bridge)

Lightning Cup

  • SNES Choco Island 2 (unchanged)
  • N64 Banshee Boardwalk (Wario's Gold Mine styled unnamed texture hack)
  • GBA Sky Domain (texture hack of GBA Sky Garden)
  • GCN Neo Yoshi Circuit (texture hack of GCN Yoshi Circuit)

Custom Cup 1

  • Damn Frozen Road (custom track)
  • Ermelber Circuit (custom track)
  • Ray's Circuit (custom track)
  • Yoshi Raceway (CRASH)

Custom Cup 2

  • Distortion Flipper (CRASH)
  • Night Beach (CRASH)
  • Maple Place (texture hack of Dokan Course)
  • GCN Neo Mario Circuit (texture hack of GCN Mario Circuit)

Custom Cup 3

  • Fr33ze's Circuit (custom track)
  • DKR Ancient Lake (custom track)
  • Bowser's Lava Circle (custom track)
  • Sky Wood Road (custom track)

Custom Cup 4

  • SNES Rainbow Road (custom track)
  • GBA Rainbow Road (CRASH)
  • N64 Rainbow Road (CRASH)
  • Raynbow Road 2 (CRASH)

Custom Cup 5

  • Retro Raceway (custom track)
  • Rockside River (custom track)
  • (empty)
  • (empty)

Custom Cup 6

  • SNES Rainbow Road (again but claims to be volcano beach)
  • (empty)
  • (empty)
  • (empty)

Custom Cups 7 and 8 are empty.

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