• Author: Koopa Master
  • Requirements: Mario Kart DS ROM (NTSC-U)

Tested On:#

  • Real Hardware: Yes (via NDS-Bootstrapper, DSI XL)
  • Emulation: Should Work

Known Glitches:#

  • Death-Loop On Luigi Raceway when dying OOB
  • Luigi Raceway Shortcut does not count lap
  • Missing Collisions on Building in Luigi Raceway
  • Cliff (at the start) can be driven on in Koopa's Cliffs
  • Random bumps on straightaways in Koopa Cliff's
  • Unintended Shortcut on Rainbow Road 1
  • Falling in the last turn of Rainbow Road 1 will cause a Death-Loop
  • OOB On Mushroom District
  • Missing Collisions on GBA Rainbow Road 1
  • Confused CPUs on GBA Rainbow Road 1
  • "Comming Soon..." tracks will load Yoshi Circuit with the Original Track's theme & ambience
  • Blank Track Name (3rd track on Banana Cup)
  • # Feel free to edit if you have found new glitches #

ROM Info:#

  • Icon: Mario Kart Retro Edition DS/Mario-Kart-REDS-icon.png
  • Changed Tracks: 8 (Mushroom Cup & Shell Cup)


  • Luigi Raceway (replacing Figure-8 Circuit)
  • Koopa's Cliffs (replacing Yoshi Falls)
  • Rainbow Road 1 (replacing Cheep Cheep Beach)
  • Mushroom District (replacing Luigi's Mansion)
  • SNES Ghost Valley 2 (replacing SNES Mario Circuit 1)
  • GBA Rainbow Road (replacing N64 Moo Moo Farm)
  • WII Mario Circuit (replacing GBA Peach Circuit)
  • WII Luigi Circuit (replacing GCN Luigi Circuit)



Video with download link of the demo:

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