Revo Kart DS#

Author - Rover (aka Edgar Cappachino)

Tracks - Custom Tracks

Characters - Custom Characters

Karts - Custom Karts

Music - Custom Music


This hack heavily focuses on custom tracks, karts, and characters from different franchises such as Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, Animal Crossing, Sonic, and a lot more. So far, two demos of the hack have been released. Demo 2 introduces better iterations of the tracks of the first demo and some new tracks to go along with it. But, a 3rd final demo may come out. Here's the track list for demo 3.

Nitro Courses#

-Revo Circuit (From Demo 2, quite different)

-Green Hill Zone (New CT)

-Orange Asphalt (New CT)

-Mt. Dedede (Upgraded CT)

Retro Courses#

-LEGO Racers: Imperial Grand Prix (New CT)

-Crash Team Racing: Crash Cove (From Demo 2, now it is sunset like the original)

-Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing: Shibuya Downtown (New CT)

-SNES F-Zero: Mute City (Upgrade CT)

In Demo 3 there will be missions as well. Each mission is for each 8 characters.

The Cast#

There are 8 different characters in RKDS Demo 3. Its the same cast but their karts have different stats from the other 2 demos.

Rayman - (Rayman Series) - Medium

Crash Bandicoot - (Crash Bandicoot Series) - Medium

Blaze The Cat - (Sonic The Hedgehog Series) - Light

Braixen - (Pokemon Series) - Light

Rover - (Animal Crossing Series) - Light

Honey Queen - (Super Mario Series) - Heavy

King Dedede - (Kirby Series) - Heavy

Gruntilda - (Banjo-Kazooie Series) - Heavy


The first demo for Revo Kart features 8 tracks:

Nitro courses:

-Revo circuit

-Seaside circuit

-Twinsanity Jungle

-DEDEDE casino

Retro courses:

-Mute city 1 (f-zero)

-Cheese land (GBA)

-London 3 (test drive)

-Ocean Ruin (SSAR)

Video Showcase#


Download Demo 2.1 here

Download for Demo 2 Speedrunner Edition - Link

Download Demo 1 here

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