Mario Kart DS Series (Formally: Hoik Misc Hacks).

The place for most of the smaller scale ROM Hacks made by hyphen-Hoik (or '-Hoik').

Please refer to the hyphen Hoik Youtube Channel while I need to set up all the links thanks for.. holding(?): hyphen-Hoik Youtube

Backwards Mario Kart DS#

version 1.1

CPU Routes and few other things made by WhatHappens

Ever Wanted to Race Mario kart Tracks Backwards, well now you can

Download Backwards MKDS


Random Track Manipulation #2#

version 1.1

Random Tracks having Random Changes.

Download RTM2


Swag Rock CT#

version 'like2'.1

A custom track that's shape like that cool S, should be in the next version of CTGP-Nitro and old version is over SNES MC1, the new one is over Luigi Mansion

Download Swag Rock

hyphen Hoik:

Minecraft World CT#

version 1.3

A Custom Track that was ported from minecraft, probably the most well known thing I did as I posted it to reddit and now its on a video with over 2million views... how?

Download Minecraft World

known bugs: -The fence can freeze the game

Random Animations#

Version 1.1

I randomised all the animations, only to turn it into a dash-Hoik video...

Download Random Animations

hyphen Hoik:

Tiny Tracks (x0.2#

Version 1.3 (I think)

The tracks are tiny, thats it, may be a bit buggy

Download Tiny Tracks

Known bugs: -Waluigi Pinball is stuffed up

Among Us Skeld#

Version 1.3

The Skeld from Among Us in Mario Kart DS, is this joke still funny (was it even funny when made in late 2020?)

Download Sus Track

ROMs that I haven't yet made into the proper RMKDS format but should be on this page#


Download Bouncy MKDS


Download Exploration Mod

Tiny Tracks#

Download Tiny (x0.2) tracks


Download Modelless

Kart Stat Shennanigans#

Download Kart Stats Shennanigans

Floor is Lava#

Download Floor Is Lava

RTM # 1#

Download Random Track Manipulation #1

YT Playlist of RTM#1


Download Textureless

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