Rulo Kart DS#

Rulo Kart DS is a ROM Hack made by RuloHacks, Rulo, or MKDSTutorials. This hack started its development around 2017. The whole hack pretty much is just parts of content from other ROM hacks such as Mario Kart Zero, Mario Kart Infinity, Ermii Kart DS, and other hacks with their assets mashed together. The developer of this hack got help from user XorTroll to make the hack. The last version was created in 2019 (not publicly released), but an old version "Beta 7" was uploaded to a YouTube Channel with an announcement post created on GBATemp on June 22nd, 2018. The channel is actually deleted, so you can't find a link.

Unless otherwise stated, the only available link of this hack is Beta 2 which you can download here. (XDelta patch)

Gameplay of what is supposedly Beta 7:

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