The hyphen-Hoik Custom Track Collection#

(sometimes shortened to 'The HCTC')

A 16 track (+1 Battle Track) of the custom tracks made by hyphen-Hoik, featureing good tracks such as Swag Rock and really bad tracks, like, Roblox Course.

This is a part of the Ruining Mario Kart DS Series and features some track from there.

YT Playlist of all tracks

Discord server for this hack

Current Track List (in no order)#

First CT
Cave Tour
Minecraft World
Paint 3D Course
Roblox Course
SNES Koopa Beach 1
Scrolling N64 Moo Moo Farm
SNES Skechup Road (SNES Rainbow Road)
Seasonal Change
Swag Rock
WiiU Mario Circuit
Wooden Railway Gift
Mushroom Peaks

Additional Things:#

Among Us Skeld Battle Arena
Sadliner Kart (worst/really bad stats, I don't remember too well what I did to that thing)


A video on the collection on the hyphen Hoik Channel

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