The hyphen-Hoik Custom Track Collection#

(sometimes shortened to 'The HCTC')

A 16 track (+1 Battle Track) of the custom tracks made by hyphen-Hoik, featureing good tracks such as Swag Rock and really bad tracks, like, Roblox Course.


Google Drive

This is a part of the Ruining Mario Kart DS Series and features some track from there.

YT Playlist of all tracks

Discord server for this hack

Track List#

Red Shell CupDry Bones Cup
First CT cell 2
Sesonal Change
SNES Koopa Beach 1
Red Shell Cup
First CT
Seasonal Change
SNES Koopa Beach 1
Cave Tour
Dry Bones Cup
Cool S Track
Graveyard Catacomb
WiiU Mario Circuit
Minecraft World
Standard DB Cup
N64 Moo Moo Scroll
Unnamed Track
Mushroom Peacks
Swag Rock
Hoik Character Cup
Roblox Course
Paint 3d Course
Wooden Railway Gift
SNES Rainbow Sketchup

Additional Things:#

Among Us Skeld Battle Arena
Sadliner Kart (worst/really bad stats, I don't remember too well what I did to that thing)



A video on the collection on the hyphen Hoik Channel

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