Mario Kart DS Recording Edition#

Mario Kart DS: Recording Edition is a little ROM Hack that replaces the course map and the icons of the objects in the local map in each course. While being useless for simple gameplay, it truly is helpful as resource for HD Recordings of Time Trials or Movies, as the green background allows you to easily extract the timer placed in the top-right angle of the touch screen and to put it for example in the main screen. Now with support for extracting the mini-map too!

Since now all emulators support AR Codes (at least short ones), only one single "vanilla" version of MKDSRE with no AR Code patched in will be available.

These are two examples of how clean the timer can look with very easy and simple video editing. The first is recorded on DeSmuME with the best settings possible (except for GPU Scaling, left at x6), while the second is recorded in melonDS 0.8.3 at x8 texture scale.

SNES Koopa Beach 2 (Non-PRB, 0:42:576)
GCN Luigi Circuit (Non-PRB Former PR, 1:14:012)


  • Remember to press SELECT after you start to record, as it will disable the "arrows" of the path of your kart in the touch screen.
  • Extracting the timer or the mini-map from the touch screen is very simple, as you just have to use a "Chroma Key" or "Ultra" effect in your video editing software and select green as the color key.
  • DeSmuME is preferred for recording due to enhancements on textures too, not only on polygons scaling like on melonDS.



Current version: 1.2 (v.3) (2021-05-09)

Download link:

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