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NameMario Kart Toolbox
AuthorGericom, Ermelber


Mario Kart Toolbox is a software application currently developed by Gericom and Ermelber.

Mario Kart Toolbox features a 3D editor for NKM files. In the editor you will have the ability to edit the NKM, import or export KCL and you even also have a kart editor, the program also can change the rubber band parameters for the cpu and much more.

New version#

A new version is being worked on at the moment. It features a completely overhauled 2D and 3D NKM editor with new and more modern tools. Unlike the old version, it will be cross platform. Consult the MKDS Modding Discord Server for more information.

By the same author: Ermelber
Modern Custom Tracks (Ports):
DX Bowser's Factory  -  GBA Cheep-Cheep Island  -  Wii U Animal Crossing  -  Wii U Hyrule Circuit  -  Tour New York Minute 1

Modern Custom Tracks (Original):
Volcano Beach 4

Legacy Custom Tracks (Ports):
SNES Mario Circuit 2  -  SNES Rainbow Road  -   N64 Luigi Raceway  -  N64 Mario Raceway  -  N64 Royal Raceway  -  GBA Bowser Castle 1  -  GBA Mario Circuit

Legacy Custom Tracks (Original):
Akina Pass  -  Ermelber Circuit 1  -  Fishdom Island

Ermii Kart DS

Mario Kart Toolbox

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