Creator of Ermii Kart, current maintainer of the Mario Kart Toolbox project and owner of the MKDS Modding discord server.

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Ermelber, an Italian enthusiast celebrated for his contributions to the Mario Kart series, embarked on his custom track-making journey in 2012. Distinguishing himself as both a Mario Kart DS CT Maker and a former Mario Kart Wii CT Maker, Ermelber's career is characterized by distinct periods of creative output.

Early period (2011 - 2012)#

During his initial phase, spanning from 2011 to Spring 2012, Ermelber ventured into custom track design. Notably, he met the talented individuals from in 2012. This collaboration coincided with their work on the intricate MKDS rom hack, Mario Kart Zero.

Thanks to the efforts of Gericom, Ermelber made history by crafting the first-ever MKDS Custom tracks during this period.

Among his notable creations, "Ermelber Circuit 1" served as his inaugural custom trackā€”a testing ground for the SZS Modifier OBJ importer. He then moved on to "Volcano Beach," a collaborative effort with his brother, refining his skills and designs.

Second period (2012 - 2018)#

In his second period, spanning Summer 2012 to Winter 2013, Ermelber's contributions reached new heights. "Volcano Beach 2" showcased his growth, evolving closer to the original design. "DS Nokonoko Beach" displayed his adeptness with vertex colors and animations, gaining recognition in CTGP Revolution. "Rockside River," marked by intricate details and animations, exemplified his dedication. Additionally, "Sunset Raceway," a rapid transformation of an existing model, showcased his adaptability. Following this period, "Volcano Beach 3" emerged as a standout, featuring advanced features, animations, and vertex colors.

Having established himself in the MKDS modding scene, Ermelber's journey continued.

In 2014, he transitioned to working on Ermii Kart DS, a project of his own creation.

Modern period (2018 - Today)#

In 2018, he embraced a new role as a contributor to the Mario Kart Toolbox project. Simultaneously, he founded a thriving Mario Kart DS modding discord server, attracting over 1500 members and fostering a community of active creators. Ermelber's latest triumphs include his recent Custom tracks featured in CTGP Nitro. Garnering acclaim for their outstanding quality, these tracks further solidify his legacy as a trailblazer in the Mario Kart modding world. Through his persistent dedication, Ermelber continues to impact the Mario Kart CT community, leaving an indelible mark on both the DS and Wii versions of the game.


Twitter/X @ermelber
Discord ermelber

List of Creations#

Below you can find everything he has made.

By the same author: Ermelber
Modern Custom Tracks (Ports):
DX Bowser's Factory  -  GBA Cheep-Cheep Island  -  Wii U Animal Crossing  -  Wii U Hyrule Circuit  -  Tour New York Minute 1

Modern Custom Tracks (Original):
Volcano Beach 4

Legacy Custom Tracks (Ports):
SNES Mario Circuit 2  -  SNES Rainbow Road  -   N64 Luigi Raceway  -  N64 Mario Raceway  -  N64 Royal Raceway  -  GBA Bowser Castle 1  -  GBA Mario Circuit

Legacy Custom Tracks (Original):
Akina Pass  -  Ermelber Circuit 1  -  Fishdom Island

Ermii Kart DS

Mario Kart Toolbox

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