Nitro Revolution
AuthorNR Team
Last Updated2023-03-07

Mario Kart Nitro Revolution is a romhack lead by rocoloco321 with the goal of bringing the content from Mario Kart Wii to Mario Kart DS.

Currently implemented features:

  • Custom Coded MapObjects such as the cow from Moo Moo Meadows and the Wiggler from Mapple Treeway​
  • Kart Recolors for each character like on Mario Kart Wii, in addition to being able to use every vehicle with every character (such as funky kong on the wild wing).​
  • Aims to be hardware compatible​

Planned features:

  • Pixel art local maps with correct icons
  • Redesigned bikes into karts/trikes
  • Mega Mushroom Custom Item that will replace the boo effect.
  • Download Play compatibility (HUGE MAYBE, if it ends up happening will require a custom firmware to work, please read this)

What won't be in this romhack?

  • Bikes. This is for technical reasons, I know how to make the game load a different player model based on the kartID, however this only would bloat the file size of the archive that contains it. Since bikes won't be in neither will inward drifting be
  • Tricks. They are simply not worth the effort of revisiting the already done tracks to change the collision to add the trick trigger. Plus I don't really see the point of the gimmick considering it was mostly added to have motion controls.
  • Mario Kart Wii Drifting. Snaking is way more fun, period.
  • Motion Controls. Quite obvious considering the console does not have any motion sensors.


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